The number one rule of real estate investing. Do you know what it is?

There’s one rule of investing and it’s so extremely simple. I mean it’s the one thing that if you do incorrectly, it’ll tank your business. However, it’s the number one thing if you do properly, you will see returns for a lifetime. Do you want to take a wild guess…

There are two big misconceptions about wealth that I have an issue with:

1. It happens overnight because the thought that if I post amazing things on my social platforms every single day of the year, then I must be successful and it propagates the message of “I’m a millionaire…

Running around and doing stuff every day, we might find ourselves making mistakes. We might find ourselves digging into the trenches a little bit. And you know what? Sometimes it’s fearful to be there.

This uncertain future we’re building toward — whether an unknown exit strategy, a growth pattern we don’t know was going to be there, the way that a company will grow, and whether or not we’ll build additional products or revenue streams with the right people on our team for the…

So you’re a young person. Heads up. This is by far the most important article for you.

If you’re saving $200 to $300 a month every single month, and you’re putting that into some type of investment vehicle (it could be a TD Ameritrade or Vanguard mutual fund, a money market account, an ETF, or a piece of real estate), your saving translates to $3,600 per year…

Here’s something that I thought was kind of interesting about the formula for wealth which is money + financial discipline = wealth.

From a financial perspective, I kind of agree with this just because I’m missing the passive income side here and passive income is really important. Like you can look at like dividend-paying stocks, you can look at real estate, and you can look at a whole lot of other things.

Abhi Golhar

I help companies grow faster. Seen on Forbes, Inc, & HuffPo.

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