Faith Over Fear

Abhi Golhar
2 min readAug 23, 2019

Running around and doing stuff every day, we might find ourselves making mistakes. We might find ourselves digging into the trenches a little bit. And you know what? Sometimes it’s fearful to be there.

This uncertain future we’re building toward — whether an unknown exit strategy, a growth pattern we don’t know was going to be there, the way that a company will grow, and whether or not we’ll build additional products or revenue streams with the right people on our team for the right clients we have in mind.

The solution (sometimes)?

We’ll turn to fear and that might cause us to get anxious, to not make the right decisions, to hire the wrong people, to invest time, energy, and money into in things that we initially thought were good ideas which turn out to not be such good ideas.

The result?

We’ll corner ourselves into feeling fearful.


There’s another “f-word” I prefer to use instead of fear. It’s faith.

Faith for the future, faith about yourself and what you’re doing, and the faith in your team that everyone can step up to the plate and execute, even in the dreariest of moments.

A quick story

There’s a story I heard a little while ago where a company was on the brink of disaster and the founders did something daring, confusing, and at the moment, potentially treacherous.

They asked all of their employees how long they could sustain themselves while taking a $0 salary.

The response? Their employees said they could sustain their expenses for roughly a month and a half or two.

The result? That two months saved the company a lot of money. The founders were able to turn it around and it was the faith the founders had in the team members of the company and in themselves to go out and solve this challenge that they were faced with.

The moral of the story

Replace fear with possibly the best “f-word” out there: FAITH. Check it out.