Have a new business initiative? Here’s how to launch it effectively.

Abhi Golhar
7 min readJul 31, 2021

Do you have a new business initiative? If so, it’s important to launch it effectively. It doesn’t matter if this is your first business or not — this LinkedIn exclusive post has helpful tips on how to best present and execute your project from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Your business idea is new and innovative. It’s purpose goes beyond your personal fulfillment, it will provide a service for those around you as well. To answer the question “Why are you starting this business?” think about what market needs your product to succeed? Is it because of an existing need or niche that hasn’t been fulfilled before? If so, then consider why people would buy from YOU more than another company in the same space — they don’t want just any solution — they’re looking for YOUR unique approach! With such great focus on meeting unmet demands and fulfilling necessary gaps there can be no other outcome but success.

Once you know who your business will serve, it is important to create a plan. This helps clarify the types of people they are serving and what services these customers need — information that can be gathered through market research methods such as surveys and focus groups. The result should give depth about how many potential clients there are within each demographic group, in addition to identifying…