Rest In Your Awareness

Abhi Golhar
2 min readSep 30, 2019

Meditation. What’s the beef with meditation? Why are there so many entrepreneurs saying that you need to listen to apps like Headspace or something like? The key to meditation for me and the benefits that I get from meditating at least 15 or 30 minutes a day is this calm, quiet, the ability to relax and focus and not get riled up by the daily minutia of stuff.

It’s really helpful because things happen and sometimes I’ll get wound up and then I’ll say, “okay, well I’ve got to do this and this and this” and then you’ll get like phone calls and emails and conference calls and then this is blown up over here.. You don’t need any of that. So there’s one key that I’ve realized in meditation that’s really helped me along the way.

It’s not, it’s not like chanting. It’s not listening to music. It’s not necessarily even sitting cross legged. You don’t have to shut your eyes to meditate. What you can do is something that my dad taught me and I take this with me everywhere that I go and I do my best to be very aware of how I’m feeling. He said something very interesting that really resonated with me.

Four words. Rest in your awareness.

We believe that the skin. Like my name’s Abhi Golhar and this is my body. This is my skin, my ears, my nose. But there’s something deeper inside me. There’s this energy spirituality that I’m still trying to like figure out. Resting in my awareness gives me that perspective.

Gives me the perspective of “If I close my eyes, I can hear myself. I can hear the traffic on the street.” Who is that observer? Resting in my awareness allows me to get there quicker and allows me to calm down quicker if I’m in a heated conversation. Being aware of how I’m feeling throughout my day.

That is also really the crux of meditation. You don’t have to go to some camp for like 10 days and sit in silence without your phone. No tech, no books, no talking. I don’t think you need that. Even though it may be a really good eyeopening experience. Let’s face it, like I’m a big fan of Instagram and LinkedIn, and that’s probably not gonna happen to me. But resting in my awareness allows me to take it back inside and just chill.

Even if it’s for five minutes during lunch or 15 minutes during the day or 30 minutes in the morning, it’s really helpful and it keeps you calm. So give it a shot.

Rest in your awareness, the four words that you need to succeed.